Legendary Team

Time to assemble your very own Legendary Team and save the world! In the action packed Free-to-Play fantasy RPG Legendary Team, you build and equip your own team of heroes and travel with them through the shattered world of Empera. Fight your way through five continents and defeat monstrous foes and final bosses in all-unique environments! Gain experience, gold and powerful loot to improve your furious fighters and free Empera from evil. Level up your team members to improve their skills in an MMO like skill system and experience exciting fights with real time strategy mechanics.

Chose the heroes of your Legendary Team!

Get your Legendary Team started by recruiting heroes to join your team. Each hero has its own class and unique abilities. Use your heroes in battle, so they gain experience. As they level up, you progress through their individual skill trees to improve their skills and to gain access to new powerful abilities. Each battle grants you rewards in the form of gold and precious loot for your heroes. Use the items to upgrade your heroes' equipment or improve your fighters with new gear from the armory. Prepare for more and more challenging fights while you lead your team into battle against the evil creatures of Empera.

Lead your Legendary Team into the Arena!

Show your strength and lead your Legendary Team into the battle against other teams! Challenge other players and their Legendary Teams to thrilling fights in the PVP Battle Arenas and show them, that your team deserves to be called legendary!

Get Legendary Team for Android or iOS

Enjoy the action packed role playing experience of Legendary Team on your mobile Android and iOS devices. Download the game from the Google Play Store or the Appstore for iOS to lead your Legendary Team to victory and to save Empera, wherever you are!
In Empera, the sweet spot of the known universe, Yin and Yang were two deities who withheld the key to balance and harmony. Ying prospered the good, while Yang mustered the evil. Peace and serenity stood still for millennia, until time, bringer of ends, brought the end of the days of prosperity. That dreadful day, Yin and Yang, fearing the end would come for Empera as well, decided to find form in the mortal world. Following this decision, they have sealed their powers in humane belongings and entrusted them to each other as possessions, only to be at the mercy of themselves.

They were ought to live as invincible beings, yet purified of supernatural powers. However, Yang denied its side of the agreement, stole its own possession from the King’s Temple and restored its own power. By regaining strength, Yang had summoned the “Army of Sin” from the depths of the void and brought chaos and death upon the populi. Empera’s tribes tried to resist but it was of no avail.

The fire of hope in Empera was dying out. After receiving countless casualties, the “Ultimate Resistance” ended with utter defeat and human race was too weak to withstand any longer. At a time when all hope was lost in dreams, all balance shifted at the break of dawn. Ying decided to give up its immortality to relay all the energy it had to the core of Empera. As a consequence, he was reborn among its mortal shell and hence captured by Yang. As a retaliation, Empera utilized the energy of Ying and bestowed it to the tribes of Empera, enabling them to gain powers beyond imagining. Then the tribes realized that there was a spark of hope after all.

Time is now, to relight the fire by Mighty Heroes of Empera, all awaiting you to shape their destiny. Choose your heroes and create your Legendary Team!

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